Machine Class 610

Mashine class 610

Single thread blind stitch spot tacking machine

The spot tacking machine class 610 is a general versatile spot tack machine with a wide range of accessories available for a variety of different applications without marking the fabric. In regard to the fabrication of jackets the automatic machine performs the following operations: Tacking of labels, lining, seam and hem tucks and also lapel points of jackets can be tacked. The machine is also especially suitable for trousers - tacking of waistband linings, pockets and turned-up trouser bottoms. The machine has a simple interchangeable needle plate system for accurate setting of fine to heavy fabrics, e.g. also finest high-quality knitwear for pullovers/sweaters, bodies and T-shirts.

The machine is equipped with a LED-sewing light.

Technical Data:

Stitch type *
Stitches per minute, up to 1800
Needle system 29BD
Motor speed rpm. 9000