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Blindstichnähmaschinen - Bestechende Perfektion

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It's impossible to imagine the clothing industry without blind stitch sewing machines. The seam is invisible even on gossamer-fine materials. No seam spoils the outside - not even when you look twice and not even in difficult conditions.

Quite clearly this is achieved only by the outstanding quality of our blind stitch sewing machines and the perfect interplay of precision components.

These are the sound arguments:

  • Single thread chain stitch, i.e. fast, robust, problem-free and economical
  • Extremely accurate and even stitching
  • High needle speeds of up to 3,000 stitches per minute
  • Secure and easy fabric guide
  • The stitch depth can be reset very rapidly from sheer to thick materials by turning the  adjusting screw
  • Easy to reproduce the plunger setting for different materials
  • Digital display of penetration depth on request
  • Thread cutter to fit all classes, combined with a position motor and automated presser foot for extreme ease of use, and rationalisation effect
  • Robust, uncomplicated construction, so low vibrations, trouble-free working

All these advantages are attractive and are why our machines are known throughout the world.
Thousands of blind stitch sewing machines from MAIER prove themselves every day in production. They are just as valued by the creators of designer models and for series production in the clothing industry, and in cutting and alteration workshops.

However MAIER blind stitch sewing machines can be used anywhere where seams and blind hems are the characteristics of high quality work, thus, for example in drapes, net curtains, quilts and duvets, cardigans, jackets, blazers, trousers, dresses, skirts, coats, blouses, gloves, ties, head-scarves, scarves and stones, car seats and neoprene suits.