Sewing Machine Spare Parts

Our sewing machine spare parts are made of the best material by capable specialized workers. The most modern methods of manufacturing and testing together with more than 90 years of experience are a guarantee for faultless uniform quality and workmanship. Due to our specialization we know the function of the parts and thus the critical points. Because of our activity as a supplier to the sewing machine industry (OEM manufacturer) we are used to meet even the closest tolerances.

MAIER-Sewing Machine Spare Parts are Quality Parts:


High precision through processing on special grinding machines with CNC control. High durability and excellent cutting efficiency by using high-class steel and careful hardening. Depending on the intended purpose, the following types of steel are used:

  • High-alloy tool steel
  • High-Speed steel (HSS)(M2) = up to 10-fold increase of durability in comparison to knives made of standard steel,
  • Super steel = additional increase of durability against HSS,
  • Hard metal (for solid hard metal knives or carbide tipped knives (CT))

Different coatings on request.




Our loopers are made for exact fitting, all alike. This means simple exchange, without readjustment of the machine or resetting of the looper. We guarantee the closest manufacturing tolerances by using profile projectors with ten-fold enlargement. Tolerance of position looper point to looper shaft 0,05 mm = 0,002".

MAIER-loopers made of high-alloy tool steel are fully hardened through. This means high stability at maximum speed and less wear especially in comparison with loopers which are only surface-hardened.

MAIER-loopers are free from burrs at the critical points (with smooth thread contact surface) and highly polished.



- Needle plates and feeders

Experienced specialized workers and most modern CNC-controlled production machines guarantee highly accurate fitting and careful processing. The final inspection is carried out to 100% on projectors with ten-fold enlargement