Machine Class 251-41

Maschinenklasse 251-41

Blind stitch sewing machine for attaching of coated tapes in front parts of jackets

Automatic attaching of coated tapes
Workplace with head class 251 (spring-loaded rib shaft/plunger), feeding and discharging device of tape as well as large workplate (-35) for attaching coated tapes (width 15-30 mm) in front parts of jackets.
All functions are controlled by an electronic motor. The work of the operator is limited to the inserting and guiding of the front part of the jacket.
The following operations are performed automatically:
Inserting and attaching the tape by means of the preselected number of stitches, cutting the tape, cutting the thread and lowering the presser feet. The tape feeding device is of a retractable type. Then the machine can be used as the normal  class 251.
Available as head or complete with stand and motor.


Technical Data:

Stitch type 103
Stitches per minute, up to 3000
Needle System 251EU
Stitch length mm 3-8

Hand-wheel diameter (effective) mm

Motor speed rpm. 1400
Motor v-belt pulley 
(effective diameter)