Equipment variants for model 68/1

M/68.100  grinding attachment for scissors

M/68.100  grinding attachment for scissors

  • Regrinding of scissors without disassembly
  • Fully adjustable grinding angle of 0 - 60°
  • Secure guidance when grinding
  • Retrofitting on the right machine side possible

Scope of delivery: Complete grinding arm, grinding wheel 51/7 withj flange and grinding wheel covering

M/27  Workpiece holder

M/27  Workpiece holder

  • Fully adjustable angle
  • Can only be used on the right machine side
M/25/26  Twist drill grinding device

M/25/26  Twist drill grinding device

  • Regrinding of twist drill
  • Fully adjustable tip angle
  • Centric grinding of the two edges of the drill with the aid of precision adjusting scale
  • Grinding on the circumference of the grinding wheel

Recommended grinding wheel: flat grinding wheel 52/6

M/49  Curved protection shield with mobile holding arm

M/49  Curved protection shield with mobile holding arm

  • Extended protection, e.g. when grinding circular knives
  • Simple assembly
  • Free view of the workpiece
  • Usable on both sides of the machine
M/2  Diamond truing device

M/2  Diamond truing device

  • For truing the grinding wheel on the left machine side
  • Truing of the cup wheel at an angle inwards possible
  • For precise grinding work or delicate cutting edges
M/3  Steel base

M/3  Steel base

  • with closable storage compartments

M/4  Spray Cooling

  • For grinding delicate cutting edges
  • Cooling through very finely atomised cooling emulsion
  • Strength, intensity and position of the cooling mist are adjustable
  • Drip pan for coolant unnecessary

Scope of delivery: Coolant container, cooling emulsion and maintenance unit (for connection to an existing compressed air supply)


Ready-to-use cooling emulsion for spray cooling

For technical reasons, the images sometimes do not show the required protective guards. Operation of our grinding machines is not permitted without a protective guard.