Machine Class 271

Maschinenklasse 271

Compact short-arm blind stitch sewing machine with skip stitch device and spring-loaded rib shaft (plunger).

Compact and therefore vibration-free construction.
Accurate stitching also at high speeds.
Adequate working width for most of the blind hemming works.
Retractable workplate.
Small cylinder arm for sleeves, gloves etc.
With skip stitch device 1:1 / 1:2 reversible (on request 1:3)
With spring-loaded rib shaft (plunger) which is automatically depressed at changing cloth layers, e.g. cross seams, pockets etc. so that the needle pierces the upper cloth layer only.
The spring pressure of the spring-loaded rib shaft (plunger) can be modified by means of 3 springs supplied with the machine.

Technical Data:

Stitch type 103
Stitches per minute, up to 3000
Needle System 251EU
Stitch length mm 3-8

Hand-wheel diameter (effective) mm

Motor speed rpm. 1400
Motor v-belt pulley 
(effective diameter)