Model KMS 400

for grinding circular knives and seamless knives

Modell KMS 400 | Kreismesserschleifmaschine
  • For circular knives with 150 - 400 mm
  • For circular knives with 127 - 407 mm (5" - 16") Ø 
  • Simple operation
  • Best results through the use of the borazon grinding wheel
  • Very fine grinding with precise concentric running by sensitive feeding
  • Centric grinding of knives with two cutting chamfers using the precise adjustment scale
  • Grinding angle fully adjustable from 0 - 35°
  • Simple conversion to other grinding angles
  • Slow, even turning of the knife against the direction of rotation of the grinding wheel Cool grinding through cutting speed of approx. 32 m/s


Holding flange

(not included with delivery)

  • M/300: for circular knives with 150 - 300 mm Ø
  • M/400: for circular knives with 200 - 400 mm Ø
  • M/410: for toothed seamless knives with 127 - 407 mm Ø

The holding flanges are produced based on samples for the different knives and are precisely ground in for accurate concentric running.

seamless knives completeseamless knives detail


For grinding the counter knives

we recommend as a supplement the 90 model with M/50 knife holder and 53/2 diamond grinding wheel (for carbide-tipped knives)

Model 90M/50  Knife holder for counter knives of the seamless knives