Machine Class 352

Maschinenklasse 352

Double blind stitch sewing machine with 2 spring-loaded rib shafts (plungers) descending over cross seams. For sheer to medium material.

Double blind stitch sewing machine with two spring-loaded rib shafts (plungers) independently adjustable from each other. S-shaped fabric feed to the machine. The needle enters the upper fold alternately from the right and left (zig-zag-stitch). The seam can be at any required distance from the edge of the hem. It is highly resilient loose and neither visible outside nor inside. The loose seam eliminates marks from thread tension. The edge of the hem can be underpressed so that it does not show outside.
When sewing over cross seams the rib shafts (plungers) automatically spring down so that the needle pierces the upper cloth layer only. The two presser foot shoes act like a scanner and are adjustable to the different thicknesses of the fabrics.
Result: over cross seams no thread pull marks on the outside.
For thin to medium material.

Technische Daten:

Stitch typer 105
Stitches per minute, up to 2500
Needle system 251EU
Stitch length mm 3-8

Hand-wheel diameter
(effective) mm

Motor speed rpm. 1400
Motor v-belt pulley
(effective diameter) mm