Machine Class 261

Maschinenklasse 261

Blind stitch sewing machine with skip stitch device and spring-loaded rib shaft (plunger). For extremely thick material.

Special model for the fabrication of extremely thick and heavy material as well as voluminous cross seams, for ladies', men's and sports wear, curtains, quilted bedspreads, neoprene suits and for blind hemming of tapes on car seats.
With spring-loaded rib shaft (plunger). In addition with lowered frame, i.e. with more clearance height.

Technical Data:

Stitch type 103
Stitches per minute, up to 2300
Needle system 251LG
Stitch length mm 3-8
Hand-wheel diameter (effective) mm 63
Motor speed rpm. 1400
Motor v-belt pulley (effective diameter) mm 100